Reliable Service

We sell and service all brands of hydraulic components for the Mobile Hydraulics Field thus broadening our vast knowledge.

Reliable Products

With over 60 years manufacturing gear pumps and motors, the company has acquired extensive expertise in all fields of hydraulics.

Reliable Price

Ask for a quote. Our prices will surprise you with their fairness. We will do it technically correct before price, but do it at an affordable price.

About Us

Let Butterfields take the pressure off

Butterfields is a family-owned and operated company, established in 1956 by Merv B. Butterfield, to offer informed, reliable service to the mobile hydraulics industry on a national basis… and we’ve been doing it ever since. We manufacture new gear pumps and motors using the most comprehensive parts range in Australia. This is aligned with our ability to repair all brands of hydraulic equipment and if the need arises, build and or supply new machinery – either to match existing equipment or to meet your specifications.

Our knowledge encompasses areas like –

  • mining
  • drilling
  • mobile cranes
  • agriculture
  • viticulture
  • materials handling

Our clients come to us because of our company philosophy: we will do it technically correct before price, but do it at an affordable price. Most importantly, we test all that we that sell.

So, when you’re under the pump, we’ll take the pressure off!

  • Gear Pumps

    With the extensive range of parts kept in stock at our factory we can quickly manufacture or repair a wide range of gear pumps to meet your requirements. And we test everything we build or repair.

  • Piston pumps/motors

    We repair and test hydraulic piston pumps and motors being one of the few factories in South Australia with the extensive test facilities required to ensure that all repairs are carried out to the necessary standard.

  • Hydraulic Cylinders

    We repair all types and sizes of hydraulic cylinders and have purpose-built test benches to cycle test cylinders to ensure they function correctly and without leaks.